Welcome to 3rd Grade!

Third grade students continue to be challenged to develop academically, socially and emotionally.  "Reading to learn" becomes a reality in third grade, as students become confident readers.  Students hone their reading, writing and problem-solving skills through a variety of classroom experiences.  Number sense, fact fluency and mathematical reasoning continue to be emphasized in the math classroom. Students develop map reading skills through a social studies curriculum which focuses on globes and physical, political and thematic maps. Through the completion of sequential science investigations, students are introduced to fundamental concepts in earth science, and explore the natural and human-made worlds. Technology is integrated into the classroom to enhance the learning experiences for students, and technology is also one of the weekly specials for students; in addition to art, music and physical education. The final subject studied is religion, but more importantly it is part of the daily routine for both students and teachers; it includes school-wide prayer times, weekly Mass attendance, cultivation of Christian behavior through character development, and discovering the religious and biblical connections to all areas of study.  Christianity is the core of who we are as a people and learning community and is of the utmost importance in the overall student development here at St. John Paul II Catholic School.

Ms. Dixie Porambo

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