Welcome to 1st Grade!

During the first grade year your children will take off on and adventure of learning. They will learn how to put those letter sounds they already know together to form and read more complex words. By the end of the year he or she will know how to read more than 2000 words, and will also become a better speller too. They will be incorporating those decoding skills into writing skills and their sentences will become more complex information and structure. You will see that they will be writing 4 to 5 connected sentences, on one topic independently. In math, they will be adding and subtracting up to 2 digit numbers, measuring objects, comparing and contrasting objects, and discussing and building other objects out of plane shapes and 3D shapes. In science we will be talking about what scientists do, discussing objects in the sky, earth’s resources, different types of matter and motion, living and non-living things while taking a 3 week detour to explore the rainforests of the world. In Social Studies we will learn important social skills that will help us become better citizens among other important things. Most importantly, we will grow in our faith in God as we learn more about the message Jesus delivered and what it means for us and how we can live it every day.

Ms. Jennifer Waterman

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