Welcome to 8th grade!

My name is George McGeoch. The thing I enjoy most about teaching at SJPII is that I do not have to check my faith at the door. I can bring it right in with me and incorporate it into my lessons, which is something I strive to do everyday. 
I teach Social Studies and Science to the Middle School students. Another thing I like about this school is that I have the same students for three years. The students I meet in 6th grade have me for  Social Studies and Science for 7th and 8th as well. This allows me to really get to know my students and it was an unexpected bonus my second year teaching here. 
My goals in teaching Middle School are to try and prepare my students for High School and to encourage them to live out their faith and seek what God has planned for their lives. Every one of them was designed by God with a purpose in mind and like anything else in this world, we are at our best when we are doing what we were designed to do. 

Mr. George McGeoch

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