Our Computer Science classes offer computer related subjects that will keep our students excited about coming back here each and every time. Starting with Kindergarten through 8th grade, Students learn about computer codes and programming. We make sure all of our students know very well the layout of computer keyboard through online typing exercises. Text editing softwares, spreadsheets, presentations, digital photography, audio and video editing are only some of the exciting subjects our Students will come across attending our computer classes.
SJP2 Students experience working with different computer operating systems. Our computer lab is equipped with Apple Mac computers while planning rooms and media center offers Linux and MS Windows based computers. Our iPad lab gives our Students first hand experience with IOS software. At SJP2 we put very special care to online safety. Not only we make sure that our local computer network allows for safe internet browsing but we also make sure our Students understand very well how to stay safe online once they are outside of the campus.

In our time, in particular, there exists another form of ownership which is becoming no less important than land: the possession of know-how, technology and skill. The wealth of the industrialized nations is based much more on this kind of ownership than on natural resources.
- Pope John Paul II

Mr. Maciek Mierzwinski

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